Are you new to Seattle? Don’t have local friends or need to get out there and do the activities you enjoy? No matter where you live in the city of Seattle, there are ample opportunities to get involved in your local community. While the interwebs can pull people away from face to face interactions, it’s also used to connect people by proximity or by common interests. Some of these sites are closed and need a verification of address, others are wide open. Below are just a few suggestions that are popular in Seattle Community building:

Online Access Needed:

Buy Nothing– This is a local group that gives away items for no currency exchanged. One can post a need or want, or just post random things as you clean out your storage shed or change sizes in your clothes. For small things and some items have real value. One local instigator has her own Buy Nothing Happy Hour. She has several items and arranges the pick ups all at the same time serving a happy hour beverages from ingredients she acquired on the site! There are strict rules within this group and it’s by geography, but room for creativity exists.

Next Door – Also by neighborhood and proximity. This is just a sounding board (development and petty crime are hot topics in Seattle). You can post items for sale, lost and found pets, carpooling opportunities etc. Local municipal authorities also post items of interest. My local board isn’t a lot of fun, but is an important link for more serious topics.

Facebook Groups By Neighborhoods – Rules and requirements vary. Often also closed groups.

Community Centered Groups – often by neighborhood. Sometimes by interest.

Special Interest Groups – I belong to several focusing around green building and promoting sustainable lifestyles. You can see what other people in your group belongs to for new opportunities.

Parent Groups – Parent of Multiples, PEPs groups, PTA etc. If you are a parent you already know where to go.

MeetUp-something for everybody on this site, certainly some things you certainly will not be interested in too!

Political Action Groups-

Start your own Facebook or Google group – one for your block, your own special interests etc.

No Computer Required:

Senior Centers – now matter your age. Greenwood Senior Center offers Karaoke Bingo, it’s a hot ticket – seriously – for any age group over 21. Also has the types of classes one might expect.

Community Centers:

Clubs – Cascade Bicycle is especially social. Other clubs by vocation and interests.

Volunteer – Clean up a park, pull invasive weeds, teach ESL, be a big brother or big sister.

Places of Worship – we all know why churches and fraternal organizations have been around forever. They provide a second family in times of need. So find yours, it could St Marks with it’s cathedral on Capitol Hill, or the Mountaineers with the Tatoosh range as your inspiration. You will be happier to feed your soul.

For quite some time Seattle’s residents are comprised of people from other places, other states, countries and cities. Our booming growth can feel a bit overwhelming. It’s best to put down some roots and feel a part of where one lives. So reach out to others if you have been here for a month or for your whole lifetime. Studies show those that are connected will live longer and happier than those that don’t. Get involved, give it a try, and find it’s better to know the people behind the closed front doors in the cold and dreary winter days. The Seattle Freeze might be a real thing or not, but you can turn on the defrost setting with some of these ideas. A phone pole in Capitol Hill might give you some ideas or any library or community center in the area has a bulletin board full of ideas.

When you know you want to stay in the Emerald City and purchase a home in the greater Seattle area, I’m here to help.

Kim Mulligan Seattle Realtor

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